Types of Wattles Crossword Clue

Types of wattles crossword clue. The Courier-Mail newspaper quick clue on 10 Oct 2017, 6 letters.

The solver: NYALAS

Types of wattles crossword clue in sentence

Another adaptation the Sydney Green Wattle inherits is that all types of wattles contain a series of seed banks that contain epicormic buds. These seed banks are located under the trunk of wattles where previous seeds have dropped and once a fire has passed through and burnt the plant or the tree, the seeds stop secreting hormones as they have been damaged and start to open up a few days after the fire after being dormant. These seeds then are exposed to burnt material of ash which supplies them with the nutrients that are needed for them to be able to germinate effectively. After these seeds have been germinated successfully, they start to shoot rapidly, and help protect the wattles from death.

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