Truck With a Flat Tray

Truck with a flat tray crossword clue, 3 letters. A big crossword question from Australia Daily Telegraph on 28 Sep 2017.

The answer: UTE

Truck with a flat tray crossword clue in sentence

Right you are Harry, all organisations are rampant theists of some sort, rebel against the government while picking up their pay cheque. Meet back at the pub in an hour!” She shouted as she wandered off. Harry looked around, the silence of the Village being broken by a big old truck with a flat tray on the back driving past, with the man ‘Greengrass’ at the wheel. He stopped his truck and looked at Harry before leaving him in a cloud of diesel smoke from a badly maintained engine. Harry listened as the truck ground through its gears into the distance. “Church…” Harry muttered to himself looking around. Then he paused and removed his phone from his pocket.

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