Having a Tooth Like or Serrated Edge

Having a tooth-like or serrated edge crossword clue. A small crossword last seen in Daily Express on 22 September 2017. 7 letters.


Having a tooth like or serrated edge in sentence

Human uses of serration have copied, and gone beyond, those found in nature. For example, the teeth on a saw or other serrated blade serves a similar cutting or scraping purpose as the serration of an animal tooth. Tailors use pinking shears to cut cloth with a tooth-like or serrated edge, which, somewhat counter intuitively, reduces fraying by reducing the average length of a thread that may be pulled from the edge. A type of serration is also found in air frame shapes used in certain stealth aircraft, which use the jaggedness of the serrated edge to deflect radar signals from seams and edges where a straight, non-serrated edge would reflect radar signals back to the source.

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