Strong Feeling of Allegiance

Strong feeling of allegiance crossword clue. Daily Mail UK crossword question last seen Aug 14, 2017. 7 letters.


Strong feeling of allegiance example

Nationalism is often associated with an unwavering national pride, with a love of country, of their nation and unquestionable loyalty. Strong feelings of patriotism, which would be more accurately termed strong feeling of allegiance are usually just called ‘Nationalist’ feelings and these are often caricatured in the media as an unwavering support of the country, regardless of facts, regardless of what the country is doing to people abroad or at home. My country right or wrong.

Perhaps in the true sense of the word, someone who simply accepts as true all the time, without question or analysis, that their country or nation is supreme, superior, the leading example of civilisation could be called a bigot, but nationalism is distinct from simple minded support. After all, it is amazing how many people in the world just happen to be born in the country they believe is the best in the world. Just as its quite amazing how many people just happen to be born into the ‘one true religion’.

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