Road Built to Avoid a City

Road built to avoid a city crossword clue. 6 letters. A quick crossword question in Daily Mail UK on 16 September 2017.

The answer: BY PASS

Example of road built to avoid a city

“the Authority” means the Malta Transport Authority asestablished by the Malta Transport Authority Act. “bypass” means a main road built to avoid a city or town or a village or other congested area. “footpath” means, for the purpose of these regulations, a hard-surfaced path for pedestrians alongside, and a little higher than aroad. “go-ped” means a motorised scooter with a small combustion engine or electric motor, having a maximum speed of 32 km perhour, small non-pneumatic tyres with an average dimension of6.25cm x 15cm, with two or four wheels, without a saddle for thedriver, and a gross weight not exceeding 15 kg.

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