Ring Lightly and Repeatedly

Ring lightly and repeatedly crossword clue. A quick crossword from Daily Mail London on 6 September 2017. 6 letters

Answer: JINGLE

Ring lightly and repeatedly in sentence

One time, I had another spar tip tied. The rigging point was a single ring. I notched it and the guys cranked it toward the rigging point with the grcs. I then had them raise it all the way to the ring. I then climbed up to the ring. Once I was there, I told them let it run really fast to the ground and slow to a stop before hitting the customers yard. I think it was about 12 to 14 inch diameter and 15 to 18 feet long, Liriodendron tulipifera log. The run to the ground was likely around 65 feet. They did as I asked; it could have been a little faster. I grabbed the ring lightly and repeatedly and it was warm, I firmed my grip and then after about 5 seconds I’d release my hand because it was a little uncomfortable, I would squeeze again, and say to myself again, “okay, that’s a little bit of heat”. That blew me away, I knew right then, this was something big. If that was a steel biner or clevis, I would have been burned. People tell me temperature that is uncomfortable in 5 seconds is probably 120 degrees. Now remember, that was using ONE ring with tight bend ratio, a fast run and decent weight.

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