Rains Down Heavily

Rains down heavily crossword clue. Aussie Daily Telegraph newspaper big one crossword on Friday 13 Oct 2017, 7 letters

The solver: BUCKETS

Rains down heavily crossword clue in example

This song is about Nomadic Indians during the beginning of Spring. Once Spring rolls around, they create new hunting tools (bows and arrows) and burn down the rest. In Spring, snow rains down heavily in some areas. Living in one of those areas, these Nomadic Indians hunt for their food and equipment while traveling on foot for a new area to settle down in for a bit. However, one (or a couple of) tribesmen ended up succumbing to the snow or other hardships. Before moving on any further, the others do a ritual where they cremate the dead which lasts through the night until the last man or woman falls asleep.

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