One of a Set of Fixed Steps Crossword Clue

One of a Set of Fixed Steps crossword clue. A quick crossword Daily Mail UK crossword puzzle question today, Thursday, 27 July 2017. 5 letters.

The answer: STAIR

The massively moulded ormolu stair balustrade of Northumberland House, now at 49 Prince’s Gate; the candelabra at Windsor and Buckingham Palace, produced in Birmingham by the firm of Messenger; the cast-iron railings with javelin heads and lictors’ fasces, the tripods, Corinthian column standard lamps and candelabra, boat-shaped oil lamps and tent-shaped lustres with classic mountings, are examples of the metal-work of a style which, outside the eccentric Brighton Pavilion and excursions into Gothic and Elizabethan, was universally accepted in the United Kingdom from the days of the Regency until after the accession of Victoria.

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