Large Toy Crossword Clue

Large toy crossword clue, 10 letters (5,5). UK Daily Mail quick crossword question on Saturday Oct 7, 2017


Large toy crossword clue in sentence

A Florida woman claims she was evicted from her apartment because of her large toy collection. Nancy Duchovnay, 73, has thousands of toys that fill her home from the bedroom to the kitchen and even the bathroom. She has everything from Muppets to dinosaurs. “Because I’m the Toy Lady of Jacksonville,” Duchovnay told News4Jax. She said the toys are not only for her. She collects them for gift boxes that she sends to charities across the globe. Last week, Duchovnay said she had a surprise inspection and was given an eviction notice by the landlord. She said the landlord told her it was a fire hazard to have that many stuffed in her apartment.

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