Hidden Away Crossword Clue

Hidden away crossword clue. A crossword question on 24 May 2017, 7 letters

The answer is STASHED

Beautiful cars hidden away from Hitler… but claimed by time: Vehicles stashed in French quarry are discovered 70 years later after they have rusted away. Belgian PE teacher Vincent Michel discovered the stash of abandoned cars at a quarry in central France. They had lain undiscovered for 70 years after being hidden away after the outbreak of World War Two. 56-year-old said he felt like he had gone back in time, adding: ‘I wondered how on earth it could be possible’

A man who was exploring an abandoned quarry came across a stash of cars that had been hidden away since the start of World War Two. Belgian PE teacher Vincent Michel described his amazement at coming across the rusting vehicles that had lain undiscovered for 70 years. They were likely hidden at the quarry in central France at the start of the war to avoid them being requisitioned, and were forgotten about by the end.

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