Equal-Sided Block

Equal-sided block crossword clue. Daily Mail quick crossword last seen on 22 Augustus 2017. 4 letters

The answer: CUBE

Equal-sided block in sentence

As I said in some of the discussion I participated in about this, we need to focus as a community on building consensus and cooperation. What we do not need are edit wars, which is exactly what I saw…two editors reverting each other on controversial userboxes, so I applied an equal sided block on both, as I felt otherwise there would be no stop to it. I also think we need to worry about wheel warring, but I also don’t think Friday’s actions were anything remotely like a wheel war. We have the power as Admins to undo each others actions for a reason. Courtesy asks us to attempt discussion with any Admins whose actions we reverse, but sometimes that is not feasible. In this example, Friday did try to contact me, but I had already gone to bed and was therefore unavailable.

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