Designed for Making Easy Money

Designed for making easy money. A quick crossword clue found in The Dominion Post NZ on Aug 18, 2017. 12 letters(3,4,5)

The answer: GET RICH QUICK

Designed for making easy money in sentences

System Protection (designed to protect) is a completely useless and dangerous rogue antivirus program designed for making easy money out users’ fears. This program runs fake security scans and intimidates victims with false security alerts trying to sell them a license for so-called full version. There is no such version of System Protection (designed to protect) and any functionality related to system security.

Do not think that System Protection (designed to protect) is an advanced program since it finds many viruses. It is just a fake designed to scare you and steal your money. piece of software since it finds a lot more viruses than other programs. Though, all this vSystem Protection (designed to protect) helps to infect your computer with more viruses and it should be removed as soon as possible.

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