Church house

The Courier-Mail TWO SPEED Edition no 5769 1 May 2017.  Church house clues or Residence for a minister means remodelling clues.

The answer is: MANSE

Refer to Wiki, manse is a clergy house inhabited by, or formerly inhabited by, a minister, usually used in the context of Presbyterian, Methodist, United church, Baptist and other traditions.

Ultimately derived from the Latin mansus, “dwelling”, from manere, “to remain”, by the 16th century the term meant both a dwelling and, in ecclesiastical contexts, the amount of land needed to support a single family.

Many notable Scots have been called “sons (or daughters) of the manse”, and the term is a recurring point of reference within Scottish media and culture.

When selling a former manse, the Church of Scotland always requires that the property should not be called “The Manse” by the new owners, but “The Old Manse” or some other acceptable variation. The intended result is that “The Manse” refers to a working building rather than simply applying as a name.

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