Chair or Seat Part

Chair or seat part crossword clue. UK Daily Mail quick crossword on 30 Sep 2017, 8 letters.

The solver: HEADREST

Chair or seat part in sentence

Does anyone have the PDF of the Porsche 993 chair or seat part catalog, allegedly called “SEATS (STZ 18)”? I’ve Googled to no avail. I’m missing a screw from the plastic piece underneath the driver’s seat — it’s the “shield” in front of the seat mechanism. From poking around and looking at the intact fastening on the other side, I think I need the little brass clip and whatever bolt it is that fits in there. I think it’s the same brass clip that’s used elsewhere — I’m not certain what it does, but my guess is that it helps the threaded bolt to stay put — but I’d like to be sure about it.

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