Capable of Being Done Crossword Clue

“Capable of being done” crossword clue. 11 letters. A quick crossword from UK Daily Mail at June 1, 2017

The answer is PRACTICABLE

The term “as soon as practicable” was considered by the Court of Appeal in Toeca National Resources BV v Baron Capital Limited and Wan Chuen Chung, Joseph, CACV 55/2013, 6 June 2014. The Court of Appeal approached the question whether a notice was served “as soon as practicable” in two stages – first asking itself how “practicable” should be construed in the circumstances of the case and then, applying the proper interpretation and approach to the relevant factual matrix.

The Court of Appeal’s upholding the Court of First Instance’s decision reminds readers of the flexible nature of the term “as soon as practicable”. When drafting a contract and before incorporating this term, one should consider whether such flexibility is what the client wants.

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