Bikes for Two Crossword Clue

Bikes for two crossword clue. A big one crossword puzzle question in Daily Telegraph Sydney on Wednesday, 5 Jul 2017. 7 letters. Also appear in others NewsCorp newspaper: The Courier-Mail and Herald Sun.

The answer: TANDEMS

Tandem (or in tandem) is an arrangement in which a team of machines, animals or people are lined up one behind another, all facing in the same direction.

The original use of the term in English was in tandem harness, which is used for two or more draft horses, or other draft animals, harnessed in a single line one behind another, as opposed to a pair, harnessed side by side, or a team of several pairs. The tandem harness allows additional animals to provide pulling power for a vehicle designed for a single animal. The English word tandem derives with a word play from the Latin adverb tandem, meaning at length or finally

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