Big and Ungainly Crossword Clue

Big and ungainly crossword clue. Daily Mail quick crossword last seen on 22 Augustus 2017. 7 letters

The answer: HULKING

Big and ungainly in sentence

However, Mitsubishi — and their competitors — realised that the WRC cars of the ’80s were simply too big and ungainly for the tight, winding roads of rally stages. Sometime around 1992, Ford migrated the Sierra/Sapphire Cosworth to a smaller Escort-based bodyshell; Subaru developed the Impreza to succeed their Legacy; Toyota eventually replaced the Celica coupe with the Corolla; and Korea’s Hyundai migrated their front-wheel drive Coupe-based rally car to a smaller 3-door Accent hatchback-based bodyshell in 1999. Mitsubishi, meanwhile, carried the VR-4’s engine/transmission over to the new Lancer Evolution, bringing to an end the Galant’s representation in MMC’s motorsport efforts.

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