Australian Actor and Producer

Australian actor and producer crossword clue, 5 letters. A quick crossword from Australia Daily Telegraph on 28 Sep 2017.

The answer: Asche

Australian actor and producer in sentence

John Stange(r) Heiss Oscar Asche, better known as Oscar Asche, was an Australian actor and producer. He also director and writer, best known for having written, directed, and acted in the record-breaking musical Chu Chin Chow, both on stage and film, and for acting in, directing, or producing many Shakespeare plays and successful musicals. After studying acting in Norway and London, Asche made his London stage debut in 1893 and soon joined the F R Benson Company, where he remained for eight years, playing more than a hundred roles including important Shakespearean parts. He married the actress Lily Brayton in 1898, and the two were often paired onstage for many years.

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