Aniseed Flavoured Liqueur

Aniseed-flavored liqueur. QUICK CROSSWORD Scottish Daily Mail on 19 May 2017. 7 letters
The answer is SPIRITS

Others answer is LIQUEUR – WHISKEY

Nobody goes to a spirits store. When we want hard alcohol, we go to a liquor store. Where they sell spirits. Aka liquor. Which shouldn’t be confused with liqueur…Right?

Alcohol terminology can get confusing. Thankfully, for our purposes, and most purposes in the selling and consumption of fermented, distilled beverages, “spirits” and “liquor” are the same thing: a hard (the hardest) alcohol product made by distillation, often clocking in around the 40% ABV mark, possibly flavored but always unsweetened—the stuff of good sipping, hearty toasting, and ill-conceived drinking contests.

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