Animal Track Crossword Clue

Animal track crossword clue. Australia The courier-mail’s two speed crossword on Saturday, 10 June 2017. 5 letters. Also appear in others News Corp Australian newspaper, Herald Sun and Daily Telegraph.

The answer: SPOOR

Spoor is any sign of a creature or trace by which the progress of someone or something may be followed. A spoor may include tracks, scents, scat, or broken foliage. Spoor is useful for discovering or surveying what types of animals live in an area, or in animal tracking.

The word originated c. 1823, from Afrikaans spoor, from Middle Dutch spor, which is cognate with Old English spor “footprint, track, trace” and modern English language spurn (as in ankle). It is cognate also with spur, the metal tool on the heels of riding boots.

Generally droppings can be referred to as scat. Certain scat are called different things; rabbit scat are normally called rabbit pellets, while ungulate scat is referred to as droppings or manure.

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