Yarn Across the Warp

Yarn across the warp crossword clue. The Courier-Mail newspaper big one crossword puzzle on today Aug 17, 2017. 4 letter

The answer: WEFT

The primary use of a woven label is to identify the brand name of a garment. It is generally placed on the inside neckline of a shirt or the inner waistband of a pant. The label is occasionally referred to as a main label or garment label. Fore example, the Apparel Search web site categorizes these items as main labels. Woven labels are sometimes confused with direct embroidery. This misconception could not be further from the truth. Woven labels of any kind are constructed from yarn in the same manner as any woven fabric.

The background fabric is produced by combining either white or black warp yarns running in the length of the label with white, black or colored weft yarns running back and forth across the label’s width. The label’s design is simultaneously woven into the ground fabric by selectively inserting a colored design yarn across the warp in place of the weft yarn used to construct the ground

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