Well Equipped For Conflict

Well equipped for conflict crossword clue, 15 letter 4 words (5,2,3,5). A quick crossword seen on SMH newspaper on 14 December 2017.

The answer: Armed To The Teeth

Well equipped for conflict crossword clue

Mars ♂, planet of action, physical energy, sexuality, and mobilization resonates with the sign of Aries and is known as its ruler. Therefore, I propose a second set of keywords for Aries, “I Initiate“. The location of Mars in a natal chart can explain how a person expresses their anger, their desires, basic instincts, and drive. In ancient mythology, Mars was the God of war and in a similar fashion, Arians are well equipped for conflict.

When poorly placed and displaying its less noble traits, it represents needless aggression, violent eruptions, assertiveness to the point of selfishness, and the urge to take from others without due regard to their needs and well being.

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