Wedge Shaped Tenon

Wedge shaped tenon crossword clue. Quiz crossword Cape Argus South Africa on 18 May 2017. 8 letters

The answer is DOVETAIL

A mortise is a cavity cut into a timber to receive a tenon. There are several kinds of mortise:

Open mortise
a mortise that has only three sides. (See bridle joint).
Stub mortise
a shallow mortise, the depth of which depends on the size of the timber; also a mortise that does not go through the work-piece (as opposed to a “through mortise”).
Through mortise
a mortise that passes entirely through a piece.
Wedged half-dovetail
a mortise in which the back is wider, or taller, than the front, or opening. The space for the wedge initially allows room for the tenon to be inserted; the presence of the wedge, after the tenon has been engaged, prevents its withdrawal.
Through-wedged half-dovetail
a wedged half-dovetail mortise that passes entirely through the piece.
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