Was of Importance

Was of importance crossword clue. 8 letters. A crossword question last seen in The Courier-Mail two speed crossword on 4 Sep 2017.

The answer: MATTERED

Example of was of importance

Libya till the 2011 uprising was a stable country that was of importance to the North African region as much as it was to Europe. Its descent into chaos has emphasized its importance on two fronts – the security threat to the region and surge in migrant waves using the Mediterranean to reach Europe.

The country’s global profile thanks to its former leader was a mix of the good and bad. Across the continent, Muammar Gaddafi, who came to power in 1969 following a coup was seen as a pan-Africanist who had the continent at heart and donated lots of his country’s oil money to others south of the Sahara.

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