Warms to Excess Crossword Clue

Warms to excess crossword clue. The Sydney Daily Telegraph big crossword puzzle question on 14 June 2017. 9 letters. Same crossword clue in Herald Sun and Courier-Mail newspaper.

The answer: OPENSEATS

In live entertainment, there are several possible schemes for the seating assignment of spectators. There are several schemes which are most commonly used, though there are no hard and fast rules and alternate or modified schemes are sometimes used as is suitable to the event.

In a purely reserved seating (also known as allocated seating or assigned seating) scheme, each ticket is assigned a specific seat in the venue at the time of purchase. Seats are typically identified by row number/letter, seat number, and sometimes by section.

Reserved seating is the most common scheme used for large indoor venues such as stadia, arenas, and larger theatres. It is also common at other venues, as are other seating schemes, such as outdoor amphitheatres.

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