How Using Energy, Wedge is Replaced?

How, using energy, wedge is replaced crossword clue. 8 letters at Daily Mail Crossword NO 15,532 on 10 May 2017.

The answer is EDGEWISE.

Edgewise Energy is a premier systems’ integrator of onsite generation and energy storage in homes

Edgewise Energy is ideally situated between the manufacturers of renewable generation devices, energy storage devices and batteries, system installers and the residential homeowner and business property owner, as the go-to resource for system integration, expertise, and ultimately, consumer confidence. Superior technologies, reliable scenario programming, and a confident, competent team of professionals will drive a successful introduction of our products into the marketplace.

Edgewise Energy will initially focus on introducing the Adara Power Balance of Storage System, BoSS, designed to give residential households the capability to store and manipulate the electric energy from their existing and new Solar PV systems, to meet a home’s power needs. Edgewise Energy through enerlogic LLC has developed a strategic relationship with Adara Power, the manufacturer of a fully functional, certified and warrantied device. The Adara Power BoSS meets an immediate need for electric energy storage for homeowners, while preparing the market for the introduction of the WATT BoSS residential fuel cell system, which will provide 24/7 functionality.

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