Unstamped Coins Crossword

Unstamped coins crossword question. a Quick crossword clue in Australia newspaper on 2 June 2017. 6 letters.

The answer: BLANKS

Question: How Much is My Blank Coin Worth?

Answer: A blank coin, technically called a blank planchet if it has an upraised rim on it, is worth a few dollars, perhaps $2 to $4 if it’s clad, more if it’s silver. The Sacajawea, Presidential, and Native American Dollar coins all use the same type of planchet. These coins are worth anywhere from twelve dollars to fifteen dollars.

The Cause of Blank Coins

However, if your blank coin has a reeded edge on it, you’re dealing with something entirely different. Most likely, someone sheared the metal faces off the coin, or ground out the devices and polished the surface, because they way the U.S. Mint makes coins, it is impossible for a planchet to be blank and still have reeded edges, since the reeded edges are created at the same instant the faces are struck.

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