Twisting Fits Crossword Clue

Twisting fits crossword clue, 11 letters. A quick clues crossword last seen in Herald Sun newspaper on 3 Oct 2017.

The solver: Contortions

Twisting fits crossword clue in sentence

It looks like a dance. The grass flow of okami, fused with auroras of Wolfs Rain, the twisting fits with the leaping white one. LOL. And the entire time Darcia’s there going “STOP IT! FFF. Okami blood and the that of Cheza/acid on Darcia that brings death. Just so they both fit. So it has the ‘life/rebirth and death thing. Nicely Darcias eyes/mouth weep like he’s infected, the heart bleeds because he is ‘ill’. And paws because he’s touched Cheza dipped in evil, and now patters across the earth leaving his mark

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