Turkish meat skewers

Turkish meat skewers crossword clue. Australia Herald Sun newspaper big one crossword on Thursday, 15 June 2017. 11 letters, 2 words (5,6).

The answer: SHISH KEBABS

Shish kebab is a popular meal of skewered and grilled cubes of meat. The word kebab denotes a wide variety of different grilled meat dishes. Shish kebab is popular in the whole of Asia. It is similar to a dish called shashlik, which is found in the Caucasus region.

It is generally made of lamb (kuzu şiş) but there are also versions with beef or veal (dana şiş), swordfish (kılıç şiş) and chicken meat (tavuk şiş or şiş tavuk). In Turkey, shish kebab and the vegetables served with it are grilled separately, normally not on the same skewer.

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