Tree With Yellow Edible Fruit

Tree with yellow edible fruit crossword clue. Two speed crossword Daily Telegraph Sydney and Herald Sun newspaper on Thursday, 22 Juni 2017. 5 letters

Answer: NONDA

Parinari nonda is a shrub or small tree in the family Chrysobalanaceae. It occurs in northern Australia and New Guinea. The edible fruits are harvested in the wild. Common names include nonda plum, nonda tree, nunda plum and parinari.

Parinari nonda commonly recognized as Nonda plum is a small tree or a shrub which has its roots in the family Chrysobalanaceae. It bears edible fruit which seeds are surrounded by brown hairs and they are generally harvested in the wild. In general, it occurs in Northern Australia and New Guinea. Nonda Tree, Nunda Plum and Parinari are some of its common names. The fruits are ovoid-globular in shape and are pericap fleshy just about 30-40 x 25-35 mm in size. Having a hard endocarp and bony, they are about 25 x 15 mm, outer surface rough and reticulate.

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