To Jest or Tease

To jest or tease crossword clue. 6 letters. Daily Telegraph NSW newspaper big puzzle question found on Monday, 25 September 2017.

The solver: BANTER

To jest or tease crossword clue example

The harshness associated with sarcasm becomes clear if we examine the etymology of the word; it comes from Greek σαρκασμός, or sarkasmós, from σαρκάζειν, or sarkázein, “to tear flesh.” The Greek root σαρκ, “sark-,” is the same root from which we derive sarcophagus, the name for the typically stone coffins used by the ancients to hold the bodies of the dead. The name, a Greek compound meaning “flesh-eating,” comes from the belief that the type of stone typically used to create the coffins consumed the flesh of the bodies within. Remembering that sarcasm comes from a word meaning “flesh” will help you remember that people wield sarcasm not to jest or tease, but to wound.

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