Throw and Catch Continuously

Throw and catch continuously crossword clue. A big crossword puzzle in The Courier-Mail newspaper on 6 Sep 2017. 6 letters

The solver: JUGGLE

Throw and catch continuously example

The first definition of juggle in the dictionary is to throws and catch continuously so that most are in the air all the time, as an entertainment. Other definition of juggle is to arrange or manipulate so as to give a false or misleading picture. Juggle is also to keep in progress, esp with difficulty.

Try to keep all the balls in play all the time. All balls that fall to the floor must be picked up and reintegrated into the game. Keep all of this together as the game continues. We will throw and catch continuously. Let’s see how long we can keep it going. That was good, first a bit of a struggle, then we found it and could sustain it.

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