Throw Away or Put Aside

Throw away or put aside crossword clue, 7 letters. A crossword question found in Daily Mail newspaper on 12 Sep 2017.

The answer: DISCARD

Throw away or put aside example

Make sure all the holes and cracks in the walls and ceilings have been repaired. Don’t forget to seal properly the window and door frames using a flexible and leakproof product that can be painted. Then, sand the surfaces before painting them. The interior surfaces normally don’t need to be washed before they get paint, except for walls showing greasy spots and ceilings that turned yellowish because of cigarette smoke.

As for interior decoration, add some green plants to make the rooms cheerful and install paintings on the walls to enhance the space. Take time to clean your home: throw away or put aside objects so the house won’t look so cluttered. It will then look elegant and the rooms will look larger. Prepare cookies and make coffee to give the visitors a nice and welcoming smell.

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