Thing for Riding on Waves

Thing for riding on waves crossword clue, 9 letters. A Daily Mail UK crossword question on Monday, 25 Sep 2017.

The solver: SURFBOARD

Thing for riding on waves in sentence

A Surfboard is a buoyant device that is specifically created for riding on waves. They are usually made of foam and wood , wraped in fiberglass and a polyester resin. However, they can also be made of only foam or only wood or various other materials that have a high strength to weigh ratio — it shouldn’t sink. Shortboards are normally between 5ft and 6 ft 11 in, Fun-sized boards are between 7ft and 8 ft. 11in. (2.25 m-2.9m). Finally, Longboards are anything over 9ft (2.9m), but rarely go over 12ft (3.9m).

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