Theoretical Observer Crossword Clue

Theoretical observer crossword clue. A quick crossword puzzle question in The Press newspaper on Monday, 17 July 2017. 12 letters, 4 words (3,2,3,4)


Ideal observer theory is the meta-ethical view which claims that:
– Ethical sentences express propositions.
– Some such propositions are true.
– Those propositions are about the attitudes of a hypothetical ideal observer.

This makes ideal observer theory a subjectivist yet universalist form of cognitivism. Ideal observer theory stands in opposition to other forms of ethical subjectivism (e.g. divine command theory, moral relativism, and individualist ethical subjectivism), as well as to moral realism (which claims that moral propositions refer to objective facts, independent of anyone’s attitudes or opinions), error theory (which denies that any moral propositions are true in any sense), and non-cognitivism (which denies that moral sentences express propositions at all).

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