The Courier-Mail TWO SPEED Crossword Answers May 2017

The Courier-Mail TWO SPEED Edition no 5769 1 May 2017

1 Feel first disadvantage of fine silky plant substance
4 Company double a seed powdered for a drink
7 Final bits meant to do as well
8 Residence for a minister means remodelling
9 Fundamental alteration to car dial
10 Network returned with the last sad song
13 Copper colour is better
15 Reel around about pen to put in new fashion
17 Scan a valve used partly relating to ships
18 Finish with the tail probably
19 Sets off with your last plait of hair
20 Good-humoured when the sky is lacking clouds


1 Fellow made out to be known world-wide
2 Stubborn in US yen to finish runs again
3 Sound reproduction with manners for conforming parts
4 Gets down after swindle lowers ones dignity
5 Appealingly elegant sound of a young bird
6 Very nimble with first class leg movement
11 Cringing crow has no noise before another bird
12 Dial the main battlefield
14 Keep waiting for new deal they ended
16 Only flatfish here

The Courier-Mail TWO SPEED Crossword Answer May 2017


1 Fine strands
4 A hot drink
7 Also: TOO
8 Church house: link
9 Far-reaching
10 Funeral song: DIRGE
13 Mended
15 Model again
17 Of ships
18 Finish: END
19 Lock of hair: TRESS
20 Lacking clouds

1 Renowned: link
2 Cantankerous (US): link
3 Exact copies
4 Lowers one’s dignity
5 Fashionable
6 Nimble
11 Cowardly
12 Face
14 Keep waiting
16 Part of foot: KNEE

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