Temporary Abrogation Crossword

Temporary abrogation crossword clue. 10 letters. A quick crossword in Daily Telegraph Sydney last seen on 14 Sep 2017.

The solver: SUSPENSION

Temporary abrogation in example

They were brutally murdered by the Provisional IRA. The last RUC officer to be shot dead in the city of Londonderry, only five years ago, was a Roman Catholic. Merit and merit alone must be the criterion that decides whom we employ in the Police Service. For that reason, I would find it impossible to endorse a temporary abrogation of the merit principle. If it is wrong in principle to discriminate, it is wrong in principle to discriminate on a temporary basis. It cannot be justified, it cannot be defended, and for that reason I fervently hope that I will get the opportunity to press new clause 12 to a Division.

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