Taught Again Crossword Clue

Taught again crossword clue. A quick clue crossword question in Daily Telegraph Sydney newspaper on Saturday, 22 July 2017. 9 letters.


Refresher / Re-training is the process of learning a new or the same old skill or trade for the same group of personnel. Refresher/Re-training is required to be provided on regular basis to avoid personnel obsolescence due to technological changes & the tendency to forget. This short term instruction course shall serve to re-acquaint personnel with skills previously learnt (recall to retain the potentials) or to bring one’s knowledge or skills up-to-date (latest) so that skills stay sharp.

This kind of training could be provided annually or more frequently as maybe required, based on the importance of consistency of the task of which the skill is involved. Examples of refresher/re-training are cGMP, GDP, HSE trainings. Re-training (repetition of a training conducted earlier) shall also be conducted for an employee, when the employee is rated as ‘not qualified’ for a skill or knowledge, as determined based on the assessment of answers in the training questionnaire of the employee.

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