Switchboard Operator Crossword Answer

Switchboard operator crossword answer. A Daily Telegraph Sydney big one crossword question on Tuesday, 6 Jun 2017. 11 letters.

The answer is TELEPHONIST

TELEPHONIST day-to-day tasks will vary with the type of organisation you work for, but may include:
– answering and connecting calls using a computerised switchboard system
– testing lines and reporting faults
– updating directories
– taking and passing on messages
– carrying out basic administration tasks
– working in a team with ‘front of house’ staff

TELEPHONIST normally work 35 to 40 hours a week. Part-time, evening, weekend and shift work is common. TELEPHONIST may be based in an office or call centre, or in the reception area of an organisation. If you meet members of the public, you’ll be expected to dress smartly.

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