Suffering From Mal De Mer

Suffering from mal de mer crossword clue. 7 letters. UK Daily Mail quick crossword on Friday, 6 Oct 2017.


Suffering from mal de mer in sentence

During the night the winds got up to force 9 and the wave heights 8.5 m so as you can imagine there was a lot of pitching ,rolling and banging going on in the dark,at one point there was an alarming bang as the ship crashed in to a huge wave,then all was silent,it was an eerie quiet after all the noise,I even got out of my bunk looked out of the porthole to make sure we were still moving-of course we were.In the morning it was still blowing a hoolie and we in lock down until the afternoon,despite the weather nearly everyone turned up for meals and I didn`t see anyone suffering from mal de mer. Heres a taste of salt water for you.

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