Subscriber Viewing Service

Subscriber viewing service crossword clue, 5 letters (3,2) from Latin. The Courier-Mail big one crossword question on 24 Aug 2017.

The answer: PAY TV

Subscriber viewing service crossword clue in sentences

With today’s video competition escalating rapidly, you need a new viewing experience that is second to none. Espial provides the solution and services which enable you to create an incredibly immersive subscriber experience which smoothly blends advanced TV functionality with OTT video and Internet applications.

Selecting Espial’s G4 STB Client gives you the freedom to choose any leading set-top platform, while G3 provides the premier solution for updating your legacy boxes. Espial combines consumer experience gained from providing software solutions to major SmartTV manufacturers including Sony, Sharp, and Philips, with real-world set-top deployments at major operators in North America and Europe. Fully leveraging HTML5, Espial brings you extreme flexibility to create and enhance your subscriber viewing service experience with the industry’s fastest performance.

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