Subordinate Role (Colloq) Crossword

Subordinate role (colloq) crossword clue. A crossword puzzle question in Dominion Post and The Press newspaper on Saturday, 22 July 2017. 12 letters, 2 words (6,6)


Second Fiddle (1988) is a best-selling novel by British author Mary Wesley.

Twenty-three years old Claud Bannister has just failed his exam to be an accountant and is determined to give up his studies and become a writer. He is introduced to Laura Thornby at a concert. Laura is forty-five, single and a notorious meddler. When she hears about Claud’s plans, and learns that he is living with his mother, Laura immediately starts rearranging his life. In no time Claud finds himself installed in a rented loft and making a living by selling antiques from a stall in the market. Laura becomes so interested in Claud’s welfare, and her own, that she even ends up in bed with him.

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