Submersible Chamber Crossword Clue

Submersible chamber crossword clue. Aussie Daily Telegraph newspaper big one crossword on Friday 13 Oct 2017, 10 letters(6,4)

The solver: DIVING BELL

Submersible chamber crossword clue in example

In the design of the mechanical part, emphasis was put on robustness and resistance to high external pressures. For this, prior to assembling the spectrometer, the electronics and the optical components inside the submersible chamber, the following compliance tests were performed: (a) a leak test with He; (b) mechanical resistance and air-tightness test; (c) check of the safety valve functionality; (d) pressure test with N2. A technical drawing of the chamber configuration is presented in Figure 3. As can be seen, a cylinder ending with a sun shield is placed on the chamber cover.

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