Street Performer’s Act Crossword Clue

Street performer’s act crossword clue. 10 letters, 2 words(4,6). The Mail on Sunday the page quick clue on 8 Oct 2017.

Answer: Fire Eating

Street performer’s act example

After the heat of the summer months, comes the series of festivals commemorating the Ramayana, India’s oldest epic. This is the story of how Vishnu takes on his seventh avatar and is born on earth as Lord Rama, who is destined to destroy the evil demon king Ravana. The climactic battle is symbolically fought over nine days of fasting (Navratri), when every evening street performer’s act out various episodes from the Ramayana. This street theatre tradition, called Ram Leela, culminates on the 10th day, known as Dussehra or Vijaya Dashmi, with the death of Ravana at Lord Rama’s hands being commemorated by setting on fire effigies of Ravana especially erected for the purpose.

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