Stiffness or Rigidity

Stiffness or rigidity crossword clue. 5 letters. The Courier-Mail big one crossword puzzle found on Saturday, 26 Aug 2017.

The answer: RIGOR

Example of stiffness or rigidity crossword clue

I don’t see stiffness or rigidity listed on the attribute charts of the many alloys out there. Is it (essentially) equal among the types, even though hardenabiity, tensile strength, etc. varies? All I’m interested in is machinability and stiffness, along with enough surface hardness that drill press chuck jaws won’t dent it.

It turned out that a small arbor is the weak link, rigidity-wise, in a manufacturing tool I cobbled together recently from a drill press, and I’m going to have a stiffer one made to replace it. Increasing its diameter from one half to three-fourths of an inch will add considerable beef in and of itself, I’d imagine, but I know nothing about which alloy would be best.

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