Someone Who Applies for a Job

Someone who applies for a job crossword clue. A Daily Mail on Sunday quick crossword clue on Monday, 23 July 2017. 9 letters

The answer: CANDIDATE

On the 14th of September, under an agreement dated the 14th of August, they invited King George of Greece, in the event of the high commissionership becoming vacant, to propose a candidate for that post, to be nominated by the powers for a period of five years, and on the 25th of September Prince George left the island.

At the general elections of March I909, over a score of Clerical deputies were returned, Clericals of a very mild tone who had no thought of the temporal power and were supporters of the monarchy and anti-socialists; where no Clerical candidate was in the field the Catholic voters plumped for the constitutional candidate against all representatives of the Extreme Left.

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