Slipped Back Into Bad Habits

Slipped back into bad habits crossword clue. A quick crossword that appear in The Press newspaper on Tuesday, 25 July 2017. 6 letters.

Answer: LAPSED

Under the old commercial treaties which lapsed about 1890 – but which have been maintained ” provisionally ” in force until one or other of the great powers consents to set a term to the negotiation of fresh treaties – an ad valorem duty of 8% was imposed on all articles imported into the Turkish empire.

Renunciation of the state of wedlock was anyhow imposed on the faithful during the lengthy, often lifelong, terms of penance imposed upon them for sins committed; and later, when monkery took the place, in a church become worldly, partly of the primitive baptism and partly of that rigorous penance which was the rebaptism and medicine of the lapsed, celibacy and virginity were held essential thereto, no less than renunciation of property and money-making.

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