Slender Tube with a Bulb

Slender tube with a bulb crossword clue, 7 letters. A quick crossword in Daily Mail on 15 Sep 2017.


Slender tube with a bulb in example

The Hydrometer is a tool used to test the colostrum immunoglobulin density. It is a long slender tube with a bulb on the end with a specifically measured amount of metal in the bottom to allow it to sink inside a graduated cylinder filled with the sample colostrum. Inside the slender tube, a rolled up piece of paper has
the Ig measurements printed upon it. “Poor” quality colostrum or low Ig density colostrum measurements are on top of the column and are labeled from 0 Ig to 50 Ig with a pink background. The “good” colostrum measurements are located in the middle of the labeled column from 50 Ig to 90 19 with a green background. “Excellent” colostrum is located on the bottom from 90 Ig to 140 Ig and has a yellow background

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