Slender Racing-Dog

Slender racing-dog crossword clue. 7 letters. A The Courier-Mail Australia newspaper big crossword question on 21 Sep 2017.


Example of slender racing-dog

Wouldn’t you expect a well-educated person who has dwelled on this planet for nearly sixty-five years to know how to spell a simple word like gray? Or is it grey? In preparation for this article, I was sure I knew how to spell this word, but to my surprise, when I looked it up in a good old-fashioned dictionary, I learned that both spellings – gray and grey – are correct and acceptable. Grey is typically considered to be the British form of the word, while gray is the Americanized version. For purposes of this writing I have elected to use grey. Let it be noted. Let it be noted that the breed name of the popular slender racing-dog is greyhound – with an E, and the public conveyance mode is also known as Greyhound with an E.

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