Shriek or Shrill Cry

Shriek or shrill cry. 6 letters. Daily Mail UK crossword clue last seen on 16 Augustus 2017.

Answer: SCREAM

Shriek or shrill cry example

This name is applied to a stream which has its source about a mile west of Balintuim. It flows northeasterly and joins the Cluny Water a short distance north of Balintuim. Name means Burn of the Shriek or Shrill Cry (of a bird).

A shriek or shrill cry echoed in the mist, getting louder and louder as I walked further into the distance, carelessly stepping on the spindly branches on the ground. The darkness that had been overwhelming the sky for hours only seemed to intensify with each step I took and my lungs were filled with the smell of death and fear that were hanging in the air. The autumn wind howled, sounding like laughter to my panicking mind as I had found myself thinking about the tragic days of my childhood that had now damaged me irreparably. My thoughts were soon intruded though, as a sudden boisterous screech came from afar, seeming to awaken the graphite sky with shocks of bright lightning strikes that sent shivers down my spine.

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